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We produce two styles of wedding film edits

Traditional Style Film or Feature Film Style

The Traditional style is always edited in the order of the day. These films can be well over 1.30 hours to 2hrs depending on the length of the of the ceremony and speeches. Although a lovely reminder of your wedding they can sometimes seem endless and very long.

Feature Film Edit Wedding Video

Enter the shorter Feature Film Style. This is a highly polished and creative 20 to 25 minute feature wedding video, of the whole day, that uses "time shifting" editing. So what does this mean ?

We film all your day, before the ceremony all the way through to the evening party. Unlike the traditional wedding video the feature film style is very different.

For example this short feature film may start with setting the scene and using a small part of one of the vicar's or registrar's comments or part of the speeches or a reading as a voice over, then moving seamlessly into bridal preparations or guests, ceremony, dancing etc... This time shifting creates and tells a story of the day and makes entertaining viewing as you are always thinking - what's coming next ! There are a couple of shorter examples (Jenny & Heath - 4 minute long and The Paris film 10 minutes long) on our sample Disc that we can send to you. One of which is on our home page.

On the DVD will be:

Feature documentary film
First dance
Any other interesting parts of the day

Emily & Dan feature film from lakeland FILMS....Dave W on Vimeo.

It's your wedding day and we are there for you.

View video samples:

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